Eight years since killing of Bismarck officer

BISMARCK, N.D. - It’s been nearly a decade since the deadly shooting of a Bismarck officer.

Sgt. Steve Kenner died responding to a domestic disturbance call at a mobile home community on Broadway on July 8, 2011.

The call came in as a man threatening a woman with a knife. When police arrived, the suspect was in a van and was told to show his hands and that's when he shot and killed Kenner.

Remembering Bismarck badge number 40.

"No matter the years out from something like this, the anniversary date in it of itself is traumatic. It reopens those wounds," said former Bismarck Police Department Dan Donlin.

It's been eight years since Bismarck Police Department lost their first officer in a deadly on-duty shooting. Chief Dave Draovictch says he hopes it’s their first and only.

"I'll never forget the radio call that officer Jerome made saying that officer Kenner was down," said Draovitch.

A memory that continues.

Donlin said: "You never heal from this; you never get over it."

"Steve had died. That was the most horrific news I had ever received," said Donlin.

A routine call turned deadly.

Draovtich said: "Obviously 25 Broadway is a place. I can't go by without thinking about him."

Kenner will always be remembered within the department and throughout the community and state.

"He's still with us in many many many ways. And we hope to keep that as long as we possibly can," said Draovtich.

Steven Bannister is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for killing Kenner.

Donlin and Draovitch say their thoughts are always with Kenner's family especially on July 8.