Eight ND races poised for recount

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Election Day has passed, but late-arriving absentee ballots are still coming in, meaning some races across the state might be heading to a recount. The state has automatic and demand recounts.

The candidates have to put up bond money for a demand recount to cover the costs.

Eight races across the state are looking at a recount right now. Two of them would be auto recounts in Grand Forks and Stutsman counties for their commissioner race. The other six would be demand recounts, but that depends on the remaining votes.

Two of those right on the border are district 25 senate race between Larry Luick and Perry Miller. The secretary of State's website has Luick with a 24 vote lead and in District 43 House race, second and third place is only a 32 vote difference.

“The candidate does need to put up a bond to pay for the expense of that recount so that definitely takes into consideration whether they want to decide to demand that or not,” said John Arnold, state election director.

Arnold adds candidates will only have a few days after results are certified to challenge.