Edwinton Place grand opening celebrates new beginnings

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 8:55 PM CST
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Edwinton Place near the corner of South 11th Street and Bismarck Expressway opened Tuesday.

The Burleigh County Housing Authority invested four years and more than $10 million in the project.

Edwinton Place is a 40 one-bedroom permanent support housing development.

Which means residents have no time restriction on how long they stay.

The Housing First strategy gives people living on the streets a place to call home, and make changes to their lives.

This residence is now a permanent home for some who were living in a temporary lifestyle.

"I've been living in motels for the last three years and it was a never ending cycle of bad people and people you didn't want your children to be around," says Sabrina Kraus, a resident at Edwinton.

Kraus has been sober for 5 months, and Edwinton Place is a fresh start to her new life.

"I feel like I've changed my life and my life is turning around. Bismarck has given me that chance to do that. It’s given me a chance that no one else has given me," says Kraus.

Edwinton Development is the first of its kind in Bismarck, and third in the state.

Aside from housing, residents will have access to health care and other resources to get them back on their feet.

"The reason we provide the space here is that it’s easier to provide the services and for them to come here than it is to get 40 different people to wherever their services are," says Dwight Barden, Executive Director for Burleigh County Housing Authority.

The Governor’s Office, backed the construction of the new housing unit, saying it demonstrates the ideals of the Office of Recovery Reinvented.

"You're providing housing, get the services, transition into the full employment and full permanent housing," says Brent Sanford, Lt. Governor.

Which makes it easier for residents to build themselves a new life.

"I had nothing, nothing when I came here, so everything I needed to start and apartment they had when I got here," says Kraus.

Giving some who start from nothing, something.

Edwinton Place has already moved in some residents, and are expected to be full by the end of the year.