Economic Development Week

WILLISTON, N.D. - It's Economic Development Week, and one business in Williston is proving that the demand for buying and selling in town is higher than ever. While utilizing Williston Economic Development's services, the owner of Meg-a-Latte, Meg Wold, says she's been able to expand and offer more to the growing population.

The coffee shop has been serving customers for seven years, and now has three locations. Wold utilized the interest buy-back program the economic development office offers when expanding to the Harvest Hills Site. She says the advice and services they provide entrepreneurs in the area are tools that shouldn't be passed up, because starting a business isn't easy.

"Economic Development, I think, is just so helpful for new businesses to really use as their support in helping their business be successful, and the avenues that all involves," explains Wold.

They are renovating the old Pizza Hut building into Meg-a-Latte’s new main location because of the growth they've seen, and will be using the same program they used for the shop in Harvest Hills. Then, the original location across from Taco Johns will be turned into a Beer, Wine, and Espresso Lounge.

Her plan is to open the new location Aug. 1, and then transition the old coffee shop into a lounge by mid-September.