EPA meets with energy supply companies

The Environmental Protection Agency met with energy supply companies, the meetings were open to the public and the discussions are still ongoing.

The EPA launched the Smart Sector Program in October 2017.

The point of this program: meaningful collaboration with regulated sectors and policies to improve environmental outcomes. However, attendees felt their questions weren't answered.

"I'm a bit disappointed that the questions we asked, were not answered," said Nicole Donaghy, communications coordinator for Dakota Resource Council.

National Society of Professional Surveyors rules have changed raising issues on the reservations.

The meetings were broken up in two, the first pertaining to coal, the second on oil and gas.

Doug Benevento, the regional administrator of EPA Mountain & Plains says companies have a lot of leeway when it comes to regulations causing discrepancies since there are more guidelines than regulations with the New Source Review Policy.

However, the goal is still the same for both sides cleaner air, water, and land.

"We're looking beyond what the EPA has issued and trying to find technology solutions that will allow us to capture and use that Carbon dioxide,” said Jason Bohrer, president & CEO of Lignite Energy Council.

The EPA, wants to make sure they won’t cause any obstacles for companies that are implementing new technologies but members of the energy industries are asking for more guidance on regulations.

The EPA says they will continue to play a supporting role and pass along recommendations that have been communicated by sector partners in accordance with the APA and other applicable laws.