EMC Insurance Companies, BSC team up to provide insurance certificate program

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BISMARCK, N.D. - EMC Insurance Companies partnered with Bismarck State College to bring students a new opportunity for a career in insurance.

As of this fall, BSC is now offering an insurance certificate program.

EMC helped instate these general foundation courses in policies, sales and business.

Resident Vice President of EMC Insurance Companies in Bismarck Marilyn Ternes says this program provides a foundation to start working in the industry, whether in company side or agency side.

"Not only is it going to help our local students, it'll help the industry. It's good for the state economy as well. If we can keep our workforce local, that's a win for everybody," she said.

Ternes says these courses are beneficial for students as well as professionals who want to enhance or change careers.

For more information, you can contact BSC Admissions.