E-cig liquid ban: businesses say too far

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BISMARCK, N.D. - North Dakota lawmakers are contemplating a ban on flavored e-cigarette liquid after the FDA declared a youth vaping epidemic in September. That has some members of the business community upset.

Supporters of the bills, including high schoolers, say the evidence isn't conclusive to call it safe. Multiple business owners against the bill testified putting the ban in effect will force them to close down. A lot of the discussion was whether the flavors are marketed toward kids.

"I feel that these flavors are marketed toward children by using candy packaging look alike and specific flavors like mango or cinnabon," said Madelyn House, a Century High School junior and supporter of HB 1477.

"If you think that is true, then I'll personally pay anyone of you a full day's salary and you can see for yourself that I have customers aged 18 to 80 who will use a green apple or a mango or a peach or pineapple flavor," said Darius Endres, an e-cigarette shop owner from Fargo.

Endres says other business owners support moving all products to adult access stores where only 18-year-olds and older can get in.