Drunk driver takes responsibility, shares his message

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MANDAN, N.D. - Sometimes it takes a tragedy to drive home an important message.

After a night of drinking, Taylor Berhow drove a speeding car with four of his friends into a tree in Mandan, killing three of them.

He is serving eight years in prison.

Berhow told his story for the 24th time about his drinking and driving experience to Mandan High School students this afternoon.

While Berhow is finishing his prison sentence, he will be speaking to students about living with his lapse of judgement and how it changed his life.

Berhow talked on what emotional impacts his decision to get behind the wheel had.

Every student I talked to knew of someone who has made the choice to drive drunk.

“He inspires me to watch out for people, to see someone go and drink, and I know some of my friends do that but I just don't want to do that. I don't hang out with them anymore or anything,” said Ayla Demaray, MHS sophomore.

Drinking while driving is not just a problem for Berhow.

Forty-three percent of fatal crashes in North Dakota are alcohol related, according to prevention.nd.gov.

Detox.net says that North Dakota is the state with the highest percentage of binge drinkers.

The more easily alcohol is to obtain, the higher likelihood for use and abuse.

According to prevention.nd.gov, North Dakota has the most bars per capita of any other state.

There is one bar for every 1,620 people.