Drought's impact on local lawn mowing services

Published: Jul. 25, 2017 at 4:13 PM CDT
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The drought not only affects crops and livestock, it also has an effect on local lawn mowing services as well.

Taylor Lawn Care has seen a slight decline in weekly mowing, they've even had to skip a few weeks. But the employees have a good routine down with the properties they do take care of.

Taylor Lawn Care has seen a 'cut' in business compared to last year, due to drought conditions.

"If it was raining good, we'd be a lot busier this year for sure. I mean we're still steady, because we still have a ton of properties to do every week," says Crew Supervisor, Dylan Stelter.

But with the other services the company offers, it helps with business.

"I'm glad we're not solely focused on just one thing, because you're not going to make it if you do that," says Owner Bryan Taylor.

Taylor Lawn Care offers many other services, which they say keeps their business going.

"We mow, trim, fertilize, and a little bit of spring cleanup," says employee Philip Davies.

Taylor says he's a little nervous with the decline in business because getting a paycheck to his employees will be tough, especially if it continues to be this dry.

"We got four, sometimes five employees that got to do payroll. Make sure those guys getting paid. So, if we're not out there making money," says Taylor.

With the drought, it's been a challenge mowing and maintaining properties, but sprinkler system maintenance and fertilizing are key aspects to this lawn care business, especially during dry times like these.

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