Driving safety course targets young adults

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Sixty teens have died in vehicle crashes in the last five years in North Dakota.

A group has been working to educate young adults and prevent more fatalities.

Throughout the year North Dakota Safety Council offers a safety course called Alive at 25. The four and a half hour program has helped many young drivers re-evaluate their driving skills.

One wrong turn could change life in an instant. Alive at 25 is working to teach youth the difference between what's wrong and right on the road.

"What you can do as an individual to keep yourself safer to get yourself home at night safe to keep the passengers in your car safer, so it just targets them we want them to understand what the risks are," said Terry Weaver, traffic safety program manager, North Dakota Safety Council.

Terry Weaver with the North Dakota Safety Council says since the course began, it's made in impact on keeping teen drivers safer in North Dakota. Law enforcement officers teach the four and a half hour course to bring experiences from patrol into the classroom.

"I thought what a great opportunity to take what I see every day at work, bring it into the classroom, and hopefully stop it before it happens," said Maj. Kelly Leben, Burleigh County Sheriff's Department.

Some young adults don't want to take the course but Weaver says afterwards many are thankful for the information. Teens have said they learned to think about the people you care about when driving and to avoid peer pressure on the road.

"The evaluations that we get back are very positive some of them in the schools will say I think every kid should take this class," said Weaver.

Several classes will be starting this Sunday in Bismarck, but they're also offered in Grand Forks, Fargo, Williston and Minot.

You can visit www.ndsc.org to register for a class and learn about potential insurance discounts by completing the course.