Driver’s licenses need validating

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 9:50 PM CDT
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Over the past few weeks, the governor has been rescinding executive orders and relaxing restrictions.

Governor Doug Burgum, R-N.D., relaxed another executive order Tuesday that affects drivers.

The executive order that allows driver’s license and driver registrations to run expired after March 1 will run out at the end of August. And the Governor said that the Department of Transportation has their work ahead of them.

"ND DOT is working to address the backlog of over 20,650 license renewals, and over 48,000 motor vehicle registrations all of which expired during the COVID emergency and those are all covered under this executive order but again, between those two, it's about 70,000 transactions that need to be completed in the next 10 weeks between now and August 31st,” Burgum said.

All these openings and relaxations are based on data and contact tracing. The governor said early on that the state would have to rely on private public partnership to accomplish its goals, and he announced the formation of a new one.

Blue Cross Blue Shield will make calls informing those with negative results of their results; making more resources available for other efforts.

"When we have fewer number of active cases, even with a record number of testing, and then we know where those actives are, because those actives are isolated, then this is one of the ways we can contain and slow the spread, and help work on our half of what we're doing, which is saving livelihoods, which is getting our economy fully rolling again,” Burgum said.

Also relying on reopening policies are long term care facilities which have been closely monitored to allow families to visit their loved ones. Two hundred and twelve of the 218 facilities have entered Phase One, which allows for communal dining and internal activities.

Thirty-five of them have entered Phase Two, which is what follows the two rounds of testing and allows for indoor visits by appointment.