Dressing for the Cold: Comfort and Fashion

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MINOT, N.D. - When it comes to dressing for the cold, the line between comfort and fashion is rarely crossed. We headed to Scheels to find out more on what some possible options are.

I don't know about you guys out there, but I like to look good even when it's cold. I spoke with a specialist at Scheels about the importance of dressing warm with the possibility of looking good.

To avoid frost bite, colds, and other dangers that come with living in a city dealing with negative temps, it's best to be covered up as much as possible.

"It's always best to dress in layers because what's that going to do is it's going to create the biggest barrier between you and the outside and keep you the warmest," says Randy Volk, Scheels Specialty Shop Manager.

That barrier between you and the world can be a thin line between life and death.

The CDC reports that in the US an average of about 13 hundred deaths a year, were caused by exposure to extreme cold.

"The biggest thing is to have a wind proof outer shell. While you're out there wear multiple sets of gloves. Wear a liner glove underneath. A mitten, mittens are warmer than gloves because it helps when your hand are always together and it will keep your hands warmer. We've got face mask for, to cover up your face while you're either snow blowing, or shoveling snow, or any other outdoor activity. Just longer jackets," says Volk.

It's also suggested to look at the tags on jackets, snow suits, and pants to find out if they are waterproof.

"If something's only water resistant after a while it's gonna soak through. You're gonna want something that says water proof that's gonna shed the water right away and not let it soak into the fabric," says Volk.

Though comfort and warmth is important when looking for clothes, so is looking good. But is it possible to do both?

"Absolutely we have multiple brands that do both, both fashion and function. We carry awesome brands that are doing more so on the fashion side but yet are still functioning at a level where they need to be for these brutal winters we have here," says Volk.

So although we have a few more months of the cold and snow, there is at least the hope of being warm and looking good while you are.

If you have any questions about looking for the perfect winter look while staying warm, Scheels specialist say they are always available to help.