Dress your Halloween best for less

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Finding the perfect Halloween costume doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Candese Charles stopped by Restore thrift store to find out community members are dressing their Halloween best for less.

It's that time of the year where you search for the best Halloween look.. and sometimes...the price can be shockingly scary.

"We've gotten them brand new, where somebody hasn't worn them and the price tags are still on them, and they're 90 bucks," says Karoline Vaagen, Restore Thrifty Store Manager.

But, if you are shopping last minute, have more than one child, or are just low on cash there are alternatives.

"As you can see behind me here we have all kinds of little kids ones and one of my staff here a little bit ago, she was wearing Dr. Seuss. People have a lot of fun with just 'doing your own thing' too," says Vaagen.

With costumes ranging from two to 20 dollars...thrift stores give many in the community a chance to celebrate the holiday.

"I know it's helpful to me. Because, some people work minimum wage, some people don't have a lot of money to go head and spend," Markita Spears, Restore Thrift Store Shopper.

"I can pick out costumes for my grand sons and I don't have to worry about how much it'll cost me at the store," Elsa Binfield, Restore Thrift Store Shopper.

So whether you're looking for something thrifty for you, for your little one, or want to show off one that's soon to come...you too can enjoy Halloween without breaking the bank.

Restore thrift store is open Monday through Friday from nine to five 30 pm. There are also two other thrift stores in Minot selling Halloween costumes. To check out Salvation Army Thrift Store go to: http://salvationarmynorth.org/community/minot. To find out more about the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift store go to: https://www.dakotaranch.org/thrift-stores/.