Dream Catchers take the field in Minot State Bubble Dome

MINOT, N.D.- Tuesday the Dream Catchers were the stars of the field.

The Dream Catcher and the Minot State Baseball teams came together underneath the Minot State Bubble Dome to play an American pastime.

For athletes on both sides, it's a night they'll never forget.

Eight-year-old Adam Rice says he could not wait to take the field. "Yay, I'm excited," he said.

Adam plays with the Dream Catchers, which gives individuals with disabilities the chance to play baseball.

Adam's father Corey says the program offers a great opportunity for these kids.

"The opportunity to play some baseball. You know, spring is almost here and he's excited to play. And, he had a good time last summer when he played," said Corey Rice.

Each athlete gets paired with a buddy. In this game, they're teaming up with members of the Minot State baseball team.

Junior first baseman Sal Rodriguez has had great success in his time with the Beavers, but he says he looks forward to this game each year.

"To be a buddy and go out there and play with them and talk to them. And, you know, get those random hugs and those random high fives and everything. Just makes this event well worth the time and effort," said Rodriguez.

Unlike the fierce battles Rodriguez plays in, there's no scoreboard here, and everyone gets the chance to play.

He says he has great memories from past games and has even kept in contact with his buddies.

"Meeting Mathew, my first buddy. He came out and just gave me a hug randomly in like the second inning of our game. And, that was kind of a moment where he just openly embraced us as a team and a group," says Sal Rodriguez.

Adam's favorite part of the game?

"Hitting," says Adam Rice.

Of course!

To cap things off, the final batter gets to take the home run trot around the bases.

Using America's pastime to allow kids to live out their dreams.

The Dream Catchers play games throughout the summer.