Drama continues after election day in Mercer County

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MERCER COUNTY, N.D. - Election day may be behind us, but it's drama is not.

We're hearing complaints from Mercer County, where a voter tells us hundreds of residents came to the polls, but left before casting their ballots.

What we know is that Mercer County did have a problem with their mail-in voting. There was a misprint on the initial ballots that they sent to voters. They had to throw out completed ballots and sent new ones.

We talked to Jesse Flath, a resident of Mercer County. He had a couple more points of concern with this year's election.

According to Flath, several people that he has talked to didn't receive the corrected ballots in time to vote by mail. So they had to go vote at Mercer county's only polling station in Beulah. Flath says the station had more than an hour long wait to vote, and that he saw hundreds of people leave without voting because of the wait.

"The three people that I voted for happened to be the ones that won, but that doesn't make it right. Everybody's vote is supposed to count, and in Mercer county not everybody's vote got counted," said Flath.

We have called the Mercer County Auditor's office to confirm more of this information and find out if they have plans to remedy the situation at the next election. They have not returned our call yet, but we will have more on this story after we talk with them.