Dr. Seuss Goes to War

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BISMARCK Dr. Seuss is one of America's top children's author, it can be surprising to see what else he did in life.

A talk at Bismarck State College, open to the public today, highlighted Seuss's career as a political cartoonist. The era focused on was World War Two, before and during the war. Many of the characters drawn in these cartoons would show up in his later children's books, some as main characters.

"Like Horton, and a few of the others, and the old lady, and the children, and the cat. That was interesting to see some of his early attempts in the thirties and the early forties, and how he kept with those throughout his whole career," said Dan Schrek, Bismarck resident.

Many of his cartoons ridiculed isolationists, anti-semitism, and racism.