Dozens of South Prairie students start their day with yoga

Published: Mar. 21, 2019 at 12:39 PM CDT
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Students at South Prairie school started this morning by getting in touch with their spiritual side.

Instead of heading to class for their first hour, these South Prairie middle and high schoolers practiced yoga to start their morning.

This was all possible thanks to students in Sources of Strength.

“I'm a support system. If anybody's down, I make them laugh. I'm a goofy person so I definitely needed to join this,” said Sources of Strength member Antonia Shockley.

Members at South Prairie and other schools across the country advocate for good mental health, and work to put smiles on the faces of their peers.

“We plan activities to get the school involved and excited about sources of strength, and to know we're always there,” said Sources of Strength member Madilyn Berg.

Madilyn used here connections with Bearscat Bakehouse to add a special treat after the exercise.

“If we have pretty much any event for a school or community thing, Bearscat gets really excited to help out and show that they care,” she said.

With the number of students participating, this wasn't your typical yoga session. The group's advisors say they're impressed with what the students put together.

“To have them just be a part of something and be involved and energized--I honestly think I heard them as they were coming out of the gym, and there were a lot of real positive comments,” said Sources of Strength advisor Sheila Green Gerding.

Starting this school day off on the right foot.

There are roughly twenty South Prairie high schoolers in Sources of Strength.

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