Doug Burgum talks energy at ND Petroleum Council Convention in Minot

MINOT, N.D. - Doug Burgum, the Republican nominee for Governor, addressed the crowd Sept. 20 at the North Dakota Petroleum Council's annual conference in Minot.

Burgum spoke on various energy-related issues, including the competition over shale that the Bakken region faces with other parts of the country, as well as the need to tap into new technologies to keep the pace in the industry and deal with low commodity prices.

“We need to learn how to lead and how to manage in a time of abundance. And that means we've got to think about doing things differently, and we have to think about doing things more efficiently and more effectively with the resources that we have,” said Burgum.

We also asked Burgum about pipelines and their role in the energy industry.

While Burgum did not specifically address the recent protests, he did discuss his general thoughts on the importance of pipelines.

“"Pipelines are the most effective way, in terms of the safest way, and the most environmentally sound way to move products, and that's why, as a nation, we're crisscrossed with pipelines across the entire country,” he said.

Burgum faces off with the Democrat Marvin Nelson and the Libertarian Marty Riske in November.

Nelson will speak at the conference Sept 21.