Dorothy Moses students send money to Florida school for hurricane relief

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 5:21 PM CST
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Students in Bismarck are using exercise to help a school in Florida hit hard by Hurricane Michael in October.

Students from all grades gathered to Skype with students from Parker Elementary school in Parker, Fla. on Wednesday morning. They also got to present a check of money they raised for the damaged school.

Parker Elementary Principal Chris Coan said, “$2,658 that is unbelievable."

Students at Dorothy Moses Elementary presented a check via Skype to students at Parker Elementary school on Wednesday morning.

“Whatever we can do to help them out a little bit and it shows our kids it teaches our kids a little bit of empathy,” said first-grade teacher Shelly Feeney.

Parker Elementary was hit by Hurricane Michael in October. They had to combine with another school because of damage and have lost about 300 kids because of students moving away and housing issues from the disaster.

“You can kind of learn a little bit about us and we can continue to learn a little bit about you as well,” said Coan.

Feeney says they were looking for a way to keep the kids active during the winter and when she heard from a friend in Florida about the devastation, she thought it would be a good way to help.

“Some of our kids they emptied out their piggy banks they brought whatever they could their loose change our community helped us our staff helped us it was really good for the kids to experience it,” said Feeney.

Coan says the school had close to a million dollars in damage. They plan to use the money from Dorothy Moses to buy new equipment, like picnic tables for their outdoor area.

The students and staff walked just over 2,800 miles during the last four weeks.

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