Doosan Bobcat invests in Bismarck Acceleration Center

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Doosan Bobcat recently invested $600,000 in the Bismarck Acceleration Center.

So far, center directors say they've used the money to advance the programs at their center.

Machines are moving dirt at the Bismarck Doosan Bobcat Acceleration Center, but five short years ago, they weren't here.

"When we moved in hear, we didn't really know what to expect in the future. But, we've experienced dramatic growth in our business overall," said Matt Sagaser, director of Innovation Accelerated.

The company has invested more than $43 million in the Bismarck location and recently made another huge investment.

The money was used to expand and remodel the software lab from about 500 square foot space to 2,000 square feet and add new equipment.

"Our previous lab was pretty small. So, not all the software developers could be in the same area at the same time. So, they enjoy the collaboration and innovation because they can bounce ideas off each other a little easier," said Engineering Manager Philip Hoffert.

Workforce is another large component to come from the investment. The center hired 20 more employees in 2019.

Most importantly, directors say the money has allowed them to direct their focus on the future by incorporating more technology.

"We're investing differently. We're hiring a new type of engineering employee- software engineering, electrical engineering. So, in order to support that, the infrastructure has to change as well," Sagaser said.

Sagaser says they plan to use the money to hire 20 more employees in 2020.

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