Don’t mix drinking and driving this New Years

BISMARCK, N.D. - In the midst of all this cold, we'll soon have a new year to ring in.

Many people do it with a good deal of drinking.

New Year's is statistically one of the most dangerous days on the road because of the number of drunk drivers, according to the DMV.

But there are plenty of people willing to make sure you get home in good shape.

This will be the first New Year’s Eve with Uber and Lyft in Bismarck and Mandan. Those are some of many options that can keep drivers safe.

Some local bars also tell me they have protocols in place to cut people off if they feel they've have had too much.

Bars prepare for New Year’s Eve like they do for every other night with protocols in place.

"There’s a couple signs for when someone gets a little too intoxicated. Glossy eyes, boisterous, a little loud. So, what we'll do is we'll encourage them to have a water instead," said Nicole Nagel, Ground Round assistant manager.

But when that doesn't work, they resort to plan B.

"We kinda ask them what's their preference. If they would like to take a taxi cab, or even Lyft or Uber. We will call and contact these people for them. They just have to sit tight," said Nagel.

One Uber driver says it's going to be a busy night.

"So they'll be able to get home safely because it is my responsibility to get them home," said Uber driver Elijah Gaidiner.

The agree they want people to have fun but to stay safe.

Bismarck Police say a drunk driver faces fines, suspension of a driver license, and jail time.

They want to remind people to not mix drinking and driving and to have a designated driver or to take a cab home.