Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Wonder Arms

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MINOT N.D. - Most people want a toned upper body and in this week's Don't Buy It Until We Try It, Stephanie Rank tries a product that claims to make your arms look fit in minutes.

Working out can be tough, but now there's a new tool that claims to get your arms toned without going to the gym, and it's called the Wonder Arms but I had to see if it's claims were true so I headed over to Ask Fitness to test it out.

The wonder arms come with three resistance bands depending on your fitness level.

"The most resistance band it wasn't a strenuous workout but it could be something that you did for 10 or 15 minutes and that would add up," said Matthew Kramer, product tester.

It also is very convenient.

"it's easy to use, easy to set up, quick, lightweight, so it's not a heavy piece of exercise equipment to lug around," said Kramer.

However, some professionals still think you could get a better workout by going to the gym.

"It's something good for maybe older folks or maybe people who are intimidated to go to a gym just for something new to start on as a beginner tool," said Tia Blanchard, a trainer.

Giving this workout tool a mixed review.

"From a professional point of view I would give it a thumbs down because I think it would be hard on your joints," said Blanchard.

"I would give it a thumbs down if you're working out regularly right now, I'd give it a thumbs up if you're a beginner or looking for a light workout when you travel," said Kramer.

The Wonder Arms Sells for about $20 and if you have any ideas for my next

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