Don't Buy It Until We Try It: VeggiChop

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MINOT, N.D. - Most would agree that homemade salsa is the best salsa and in this week's don't buy it, until we try it I try a product that claims to chop and cut your tomatoes to the perfect size with ease.

The VeggiChop from Chef'n claims to be an easy-to-use, hand powered food chopper that is the complete kitchen companion. But, as always I had to see if its claims were true, so I headed over to Gourmet Chef, to test it out.

We decided to use tomatoes, onions and pecan halves. The directions say we have to slice the tomatoes in half before we put it in the bowl, then it was time to chop.

The two blades do the chopping, but the real fun part is the handle and pull.

"If you have a pull lawnmower it's just like starting your lawnmower but it's so easy because it rotates everything and it chops everything...cause I have one of those choppers where you have to push down and it doesn't chop everything that it is supposed to chop. This rotates and spins everything around and does what it is supposed to do," said Janette McCoy, employee at Gourmet Chef.

In a matter of minutes we had half of the ingredients to make salsa.

"Looks like it did the job," said McCoy.

Next, we tried the pecans and no problems there.

"You could make salsa, you could make guacamole, you know if you really wanted pecans for your pancakes," said McCoy.

Another positive is the quality of the device and the convenience.

"seems to be well-made, it’s a tight-pull cord it doesn't seem like it’s going to break on you...well constructed, it has a nice sticky base so it's not going to fly across your's well made. It doesn't take up a lot of space so it could travel with you easy," said McCoy.

Making this chopper, a perfect kitchen companion.

"I would give it a thumbs up," said McCoy.

The Veggichop is available at retail stores for about $20.