Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: The Instant Trainer Leash

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MINOT, N.D. - Walking your dog can be hard if he or she keeps pulling, and it could end up hurting your dog if matters get worse, however, in this week's don't buy it, until we try it, Stephanie Rank tests out a product that claims to be the solution - the instant trainer leash.

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog, but sometimes if your dog pulls it makes harder and could cause your dog pain. That's where the Instant-trainer leash comes in, it claims to use gentle but firm resistance to discourage your dog from pulling and as Always I wanted to see if it was true, so I headed over to the Souris Valley Animal Shelter to test it out ,and we found our best candidate.

"Evie is a bit resistant to leashes anyway," said Randy McDonald, the Director of the Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

The leash came with six simple instructions, it can attach to any collar and wraps around the mid-section of the dog and not the neck.

"I have dogs that are stubborn at home and then they will continue to pull and its hard on their throat, hard on their airway, its hard on their vocal area so and then you could end up hurting them real good if you pull it the wrong way. So this focuses on a different area and tries to change the pulling area away from the throat into a less harmful area," said McDonald.

After getting Evie set up, it was time for a walk and so far it was all good.

"If you had a dog that was pulling it seems like you'd be able to control the pulling a little bit better," said McDonald.

However, we learned that Evie has a hip problem, so the pulling around her hips gave her some discomfort.

"My overall opinion is if you got a healthy dog that pulls, i think this would be a beneficial tool but if you have a dog with an injury or maybe slightly older maybe this isn’t the best tool for that dog," said McDonald.

But the leash still got a paws up.

"I think I’m thumbs up if the dog is healthy, I think I'm thumbs down if the dog has an injury to the rear area," said McDonald.

Evie is currently pending adoption, but there are plenty of great dogs at the shelter that need homes. For more information, visit the Souris Valley Animal Shelter's website.