Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Power Floss

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MINOT, N.D. - Flossing is an essential part of maintaining good dental health, and in this week's don't buy it until we try it, Stephanie Rank tries a product that claims to make that task a little easier.

Flossing once a day can be a chore, but the Power Floss claims to make that chore easier by a push of a button. But I had to see if it's claims were true so I headed over to Broadway family dentistry to test it out.

We used some dentures, mustard and some old cereal to replicate plaque and how the water jet would work.

"It's getting some of the debris off, but it's taking quite a bit of water pressure in order to do that," said Dr. Bethany Jensen, of Broadway Family Dentistry.

Then we tried the back teeth, and we ran into a road block..

The air pump didn't allow us to tip it upside down, posing a problem for patients..

"It would be a big challenge for patients to get the right angle to get to those back hard to reach areas which is the point of using some other instrument other than a tooth brush," said Dr. Jensen.

Making this product not very powerful.

"For this product, I would give it a thumbs down. It's not worth even the small investment that you're buying it for because you'd just be more effective getting a toothbrush to reach the same areas," said Dr. Jensen.

Dr. Jensen recommends buying a battery powered or electric water jet if you'd prefer not to use regular floss.