Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Phantom Saucer

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MINOT, N.D. - Youngsters who want to have fun learning how to do magic are always looking for a new trick.

In this week's don't buy it until we try it, we find out if a certain product offers the right surprise, with some help from a Minot area magician.

Step right up to see a floating flying saucer!

Telebrands "Phantom Saucer" claims it can 'wow' your audience, but what's behind this magic trick? I asked a real magician to test it out.

The product comes with the saucer and some invisible string.

"I think it's worth a kid that’s interested in magic to try it because it's an easy illusion," said Blake Krabseth, a comedian and magician.

The secret is to hide the string behind your ear.

"Every magic trick has a gimmick and the gimmick is hidden from the public. The saucer looks like it's floating in between my hands and it moves and spins. But I think if you practiced a lot it would work fine," said Krabseth.

Then it's time to fly, making this illusion purely magical.

"I'd give it a thumbs up because it's simple it's basically very inexpensive for magic tricks. You know if I was going to buy a similar thing that I would use in my show and work into my routine, I bet you I would pay almost four times as much," said Krabseth.

The phantom saucer sells for about 10 dollars and if you have any ideas for a

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