Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: One Touch Can Opener

Sometimes using a manual can opener can be a chore, but in this week's don't buy it until we try it, Stephanie Rank tries a product that claims to make that task a little easier.

Manual can openers can be a hassle, but the one touch can opener claims to make opening that can of peas much easier. So I had to see if it's claims were true so I headed over to Gourmet Chef to test it out.

The device is automated so, you don't have to use any muscles or grit.

"I think it's a nice option if you have a hard time with your wrists using a regular can opener," said Mary Elizabeth Gamas, Gourmet Chef.

However, we then timed how long it takes for the can opener and it took over 30 seconds.

"As far as efficiency sake, i think its far more efficient if you use a traditional can opener, a lot faster," said Gamas.

We timed the manual can opener, and it took less than 10 seconds.

But we decided that it's a very useful tool.

"If you have arthritis, or just general wrist issues I think it’s a great option," said Gamas.
Making this a split decision.

"I'd give it both...the thumbs up and the thumbs down. For general use I'd probably give it a thumbs down but for those with wrist issues, which some of our customers do have where it's just hard to crank the can opener then maybe it's a thumbs up for you," said Gamas.

The one touch can opener sells for about 10 dollars and if you have any ideas for my next
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