Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: My Fun Fish Cleaning Tank

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MINOT, N.D. - Those of us who own a fish as a pet know how time consuming it can be to clean the tanks.

That's why in this week's 'Don't Buy It, Until We Try It,' we try a product that's supposed to clean your fish tank without all of the hassle.

Pet fish lovers know that a dirty tank is a burden, but Hampton Direct claims it's My Fun Fish Cleaning Tank can making owning a pet fish fun without the mess. We headed to R & J's World of Pets to test it out.

The tank comes with a vacuum-like tube that sucks up all the dirty water and flushes it out.

"You don't have to put your hand in the water at all, it's, yeah it's ingenious," said Karen Young, manager of R & J’s World of Pets. "It seems to work pretty good. It takes a few times of pouring water into it, and then you can't pour too fast to stir everything up. You want to pour slow so the vacuum will actually pull everything out. With the rocks and everything, I thought more stuff would get caught up in it," said Young.

Finding this would be great for one fish.

"It would be a good thing for like kids and stuff like that, but I'd only put one betta in there. It's more made for bettas then it is any other fish," said Young.

And our resident fish, seemed pretty content.

"He looks very happy," said Young.

Giving this product a mixed review.

"Thumbs up and thumbs down mainly because I like the idea of sucking up things from the bottom you don't have to put your hands in there, but then if you use tap water you have to add chemicals in that water to take the poison stuff out of there for them," said Young.

The My Fun Fish Tank sells for about $10 and if you have any ideas for a ‘Don't Buy It, Until We Try It’ send an email to