Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: MicroTouch Max

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MINOT, N.D. - Trimming and cutting your own hair can be dangerous or even time consuming.

This week's 'Don't Buy It, Until We Try It' features a product that claims it can give you a fresh new look in minutes.

Going to a professional to trim the excess hair on your neck every few weeks can drain out your wallet, but Idea Village claims its MicroTouch Max is the best personal trimmer around.

The trimmer comes with a light that can add precision to your cutting.

Sport Clips helped to test it out.

"I like the little light on it, it's a very good indicator of where you're working," said Maria Roise, manager of Sport Clips.

First, we got snipping.

We trimmed behind the ears, on the neck, and on sideburns.

"It's not going to get a lot of hair off, it's not going to get you a professional result like a barber or a stylist is going to give you but it definitely does a nice little job of cleanup work," said Roise.

Making this product the cutting edge.

"I would give it a thumbs up for a little bit of detail work, but yeah, if you're going to do a little bit more of a job you're going to want to see your stylists or your barber still. But this is going to keep you cleaned up in between haircuts, though,” said Roise.

The MicroTouch Max sells for about $10.

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