Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: MSA 30x Sound Amplifier

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MINOT, N.D. - Ever have to ask someone to repeat a question or repeat something they said because you couldn't hear them? We have all been there.

It can be a frustrating thing having to keep asking someone to repeat what they said, and that's where the MSA Sound Amplifier comes in.

But, I wanted to make sure that it doesn't skip a beat so I went to the professionals for help.

The device is rechargeable so that is a plus, now it was time to see if it really does amplify sound. So we used a high tech audio scanner that tests it with different frequencies.

The MSA Sound Amplifier was was true to its word, however, there were still some concerns.

"It has all the amplification in the low pitches so you get a great sensation of loudness, you can definitely tell that things are louder but it doesn't make things clearer, it almost makes things less clearer because it is picking up more background noise. If you were sitting in a quiet room watching television, you certainly could turn the volume of the TV down and turn this up but the sound quality isn't as good so you might have some difficulty understanding the conversations on the TV," said Dr. Ed Malazdrewicz, an audiologist.

Although it is a safe device to use there are still better options out there.

"It's not harmful the output isn't damaging so it wouldn't damage your ear so it's certainly a safe product that way but I’m not sure what purpose you would be using it for. My concern would be, people with hearing loss would try a device like this because of the cheap cost and the accessibility and then be maybe disappointed in the performance and thinking that hearing aids aren't going to help them or also the fact that they’re going to forego a proper evaluation to find out what's wrong their hearing whether they need medical treatment or further follow up," said Malazdrewicz.

Making this sound amplifier not quite up to the pitch.

"I would probably give it a thumbs down," said Malazdrewicz.

Dr. Malazdrewicz recommends that if you do suffer from hearing loss to see your local audiologist.