Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Hurricane Fur Wizard

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MINOT N.D. - The creators of the Hurricane Fur Wizard claim it can help you remove all that fur with ease. The Souris Valley Animal Shelter helped test it out.

We first tested the fur wizard on a cat pillow and were instantly impressed.

"It really is a standard lint brush remover a ‘una-directional’ style like many I've used in the past and it works just as well as any of them," said Justin Anderson, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

The product also comes with a container to remove the fur off the brush.

"Compared to a lint roller this is kind of a better deal just because you're not constantly removing a layer of tape and those lint rollers they only last so long. But with this pillow thing, we would have gone through five, six, seven layers of tape to actually get it as clean as one brush," said Anderson.

The Hurricane Fur Wizard was also tested on clothes.

"Working at the animal shelter, we always get fur on us. I have some fur on me right now so let’s go ahead and give this a shot. Sure enough it has taken the majority of the fur off of me," said Randy McDonald, the executive director of the Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

The fur wizard exceeded expectations.

"Depending on how much fur you had on you, this could be really good for a person that's in a pinch to be in front of a group people, this would be very useful," said McDonald.

"My final verdict will be thumbs up though, it does have this little funky container to get the hair off whether its worth it to have the funky container or just do it the old fashioned way with a regular brush, I don't see a big difference though," said Anderson.

The Hurricane Fur Wizard sells for about $20.

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