Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Handi-Grip

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MINOT, N.D. - For some people, it is hard to pick up various items off the ground and in this week's Don't Buy It Until We Try It, we try a product that makes that task a little easier.

When money falls on the ground we all need a little "pick-me-up."

"I wouldn't be able to pick up anything from the floor," said Agnes Brandt, product tester.

That's where the Handi-grip comes in, it claims to go the extra mile and reach things that are normally hard to get. So, we tested it out on three objects.

First paper.

"I think It really works pretty good," said Brandt.

Next a pill. Then, a quarter, and it all seemed to work out fine.

"I would use it every day because it seems like I have something on the floor all the time," said Brandt.

Then we put a cup to the test and it passed with flying colors.

"I can make it work and one thing I wanted to point out is this end turns so if you can't get something one way you can get it another way," said Brandt.

Making this tool, grab a good review.

"I would give it a thumbs up because I think it's a very useful tool for most of us handicap people," said Brandt.

The Handi-Grip Sells for about $20 and if you have any ideas for my next Don't Buy It, Until We Try It feel free to send me a message on Facebook or email me at