Don’t Buy It Until We Try It: Go Belt

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MINOT, N.D. - The Olympics gather the greatest athletes in the world to compete on the biggest stage.

But everyday, millions of people lace up their shoes and pound the pavement. Running is a very popular form of exercise but often means no pockets for the essentials.

That's where this week's Don't Buy It Until We Try It product steps in.

All eyes are on Rio for the next two weeks as Olympians compete for the gold.

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to stay healthy, but it's not fun to run with your hands full of stuff.

The Go Belt claims it can handle it all.

"I think I was a bit skeptical actually. I was like 'oh it's a fanny pack, I'm not sure I would use that because I don't carry that much stuff on me when I'm running,'" former MSU Track Athlete Farai Madungwe said.

Phone, keys, money, headphones, iPod, water where does it all go?

Running while carrying all of that stuff is obviously going to be annoying. The Go Belt says it can hold all of your necessities, so we tested it out to see how much stuff could fit in it.

We threw it all in; phone and keys in the big pocket, headphones and some chapstick in the smaller one.

We filled it all up, put it on and saw how it works.

"It carries a lot more stuff than you would keep in your pockets when you're trying to run, so I think it's a very good product to have for people that have to carry a lot of stuff on them," Madungwe said.

Not having anywhere to put things can be more of a female problem, but guys know keeping stuff in their pockets isn't always ideal.

"If I actually had to bring a lot of stuff with me this would be very handy, rather than having everything sagging in my shorts pockets. I think it's better because you're not hitting your pockets because stuff it freely swinging, it was helpful," Madungwe said.

I don't have any medals to give out, but we can give the Go Belt one of these.

"I give it a thumbs up," Madungwe said.

The Go Belt is also reflective. You can find them at most retailers.

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