Don’t Buy It Until We Try It: Cupping Therapy

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Minot, N.D. - Cupping is all the rage now with the Olympics in full swing. When it comes to cupping and massage therapy, it's not just elite athletes that benefits.

"There's not a person on this Earth that doesn't use their muscles, that doesn't feel aches and pains. Everyone needs a clean body and it's just about Moving everything constantly," said massage therapist Shantel Blackburn.

And this isn't the first time this "craze" has hit, meaning phones blowing up for local businesses.

"I remember years ago Gwyneth Paltrow showed up in a gown with some cupping marks and everyone was like what is that I want that. Now it's Michael Phelps showing up with his cupping and no people are calling in do you do cupping, we want it done. It's great because it introduces it to people who really need it," said Blackburn.

I had to feel it for myself, so we got started.

"You're just going to feel a little suction. So you can see how the blood is flowing into that area. The skin has lifted the fascia, the muscle. The point of this is to bring all of that newness out, so when I start moving the cup or manually moving it, we're going to push all of that gunk out," said Blackburn.

This is an age old technique.

"In ancient times they believed they were bringing good energy to bad areas," said Blackburn.

That will leave you with some marks, yes, but also a feeling of relaxation and almost renewed energy in your muscles.

"I suppose you could leave them on for days if you wanted, but I usually do about 10 minutes. That's usually long enough to create a reaction," said Blackburn.

And then just like that it was over.

This is a little different from what we normally do but I'm going to give the cupping therapy a thumbs up.

Satori Skin and Body is holding a special in honor of this story. When I had the treatment done the U.S. had 11 gold medals so all Hyrdra facials and essential back treatments are 11 percent off.

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