Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Comfy Control Harness

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MINOT, N.D. - Walking your dog can be hard if he or she keeps pulling, and it could end up hurting your dog. However, in this week's Don't By It, Until We Try It, Stephanie Rank tries out a product that takes the pressure away from your dog's neck and aims to keep them calm and comfortable.

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog, and you'd never want to cause them any harm and that's where the Comfy Control Harness comes in.

It claims to be the world's most comfortable harness for your four legged friend, but I had to see if it's claims were true, so I headed over to The Souris Valley animal shelter to test it out.

The harness is a strong soft mesh, that puts the pressure on the body- not the dog's neck.

"Everything is there and ready for you to keep your dog safe and comfortable while you’re walking them," said Justin Anderson, community outreach coordinator.

So after putting the harness on Kiki, we went for a walk and to say she loved it is an understatement.

"KiKi seemed to react just fine, she didn't have a problem getting into the harness what-so-ever, she lead well on the harness. I definitely think KiKi was perfectly good with the harness," said Anderson.

Making this product an easy two paws up.

"I'd give this product a thumbs up it was easy to use, it's light weight. it seems to do its job just like it says," said Anderson.

The Comfy Control Harness comes with a matching leash and sells for about 10 dollars and KiKi is available for adoption.