Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Bamboo charcoal mask

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MINOT, N.D. - We've all seen those videos on social media where someone is trying out a black charcoal mask that cleans out your pores, but I wanted to see if it really does help your skin feel smooth, so in this week's don’t buy until we try it, I tested out the bamboo charcoal mask.

Are these charcoal masks really safe? I wanted to get an expert opinion so I headed over to Trinity Medical Arts to ask a professional in skin care.

We used a bamboo charcoal mask, so that may be a deciding factor.

"Read your labels look what's in there, make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients and some of them you can make them at home too and some of them are made with glue and so you can only imagine what that feels like to put glue on your face and pull it off, it’s going to hurt and you're going to end up pulling off more than that stratum corneum or end up getting a burn from it and then you'll end up getting a facial burn and you don't want that," said Ann Welch FNP-C, family nurse practitioner.

Now it was time to put it on a volunteer, and at first it was all positives.

"Yeah it's going on real smooth, and it smells good surprisingly since it looks bad," said Kelli Fundingsland, office assistant and product tester.

Then after the application process was done and we waited about 20 to 30 minutes, it was time to peel it off.

"Ew, I can see all this stuff stuck to it, and my skin's a little red but i supposed that when you yank it off that's how it’s going to be it doesn't hurt at all really," said Fundingsland.

Even though it didn't hurt, does that mean it still worked?

"They claim to help exfoliate your skin and help remove your stubborn comedones and then they claim to reduce the pore size, that's a lot of claim for a product and there's no scientific evidence that supports that out there," said Welch.

However, this user claims it does the job.

"I really like it, I mean it was very sticky going on and it kind of had that cooling effect when it was on and my skin is so soft and I can see it shiny in the mirror and normally my skin is very very rough so it feels very good right now, I recommend it, I really like it," said Fundingsland.

Making this a likeable product.

"I like it. Two thumbs," said Fundingsland.

Welch recommends using a facial cleansing mask about on to two times a week. The bamboo charcoal mask retails for about $14.