Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Auto Dog Mug

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MINOT N.D. - The Auto Dog Mug claims to easily dispense water for your pup. The product was tested out on a few four-legged friends at the Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

The mug is a plastic water bottle with a wider top so your animal can drink.

"Water comes out, just like it says, and goes back down, just like it says," said Justin Anderson, Community Outreach Coordinator.

This helps it make less of a mess.

"It's mostly spill proof, I mean once the water isn't there any more. It doesn't leak much," said Anderson.

Even though the furry volunteers did not drink out of the mug, it still has a promising feature...convenience.

Maisy and Buddy, both residents at the animal shelter, tested the Auto Dog Mug.

"Maisy did not seem to be terribly thirsty. Buddy did take a small drink, but I imagine in the summer if you're out and about and doing things in the heat this would be a good way to get your dog some water," said Anderson.

"Ultimately for the basis of it, I think I would give it a thumbs up. It works just like it says and I can see where it would be convenient," said Anderson.

The Auto Dog Mug sells for about $15 and both Maisy and Buddy are available for adoption.