Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: 60 Second Salad

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MINOT, N.D. – Making a quick salad on the go is more of a necessity now rather than a luxury.

A salad is a great way to get the nutrients we need in a day, and the 60 second salad claims to make your garden dish in a flash, but I had to see if it's claims were true, so I headed over to gourmet chef to test it out.

"Healthy fresh salads made easy," said Denise Lindbo, owner of Gourmet Chef.

The product comes with a built-in strainer, s first we washed our veggies, then it was time to slice and dice.

"We're not even reaching our produce at the bottom," said Lindbo.

You can turn the device to cut at a different angle.
Then when all said and done we flipped it over to see our greens and we found slices but also chunks and still we weren't impressed.

"It's basically a guide to cut and a colander, so if you want a 60 second colander there you go," said Lindbo.

Making this product not worth your greens.

"Got to be thumbs down, if you have a good knife and you can cut fast; that's all you need," said Lindbo.

The 60 Second Salad sells for about $12 and if you have any ideas for my next.

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