Dog shot after killing resident's chickens south of Lincoln

Published: Mar. 17, 2019 at 9:43 PM CDT
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A Burleigh County resident shot and killed a dog in a development south of Lincoln Sunday afternoon.

A Burleigh County Sheriff deputy says the dog was in the resident's chicken coop killing chickens. The owner of the coop used a .22 rifle to take the dog down. Nobody was arrested.

KFYR-TV received calls and messages concerned about this incident. We researched the law and here is what we found:

According to North Dakota Century code 36-21-10, "Dogs, wolves and coyotes worrying livestock or poultry may be killed. Any person who kills any dog, wolf or coyote as a domestic animal is not liable in any civil action to the owner of the animal:

1. When the person sees such animal in the act of killing, chasing, worrying, or damaging any livestock or poultry."

North Dakota Century code 36-21-11 says, "The owner of any dog that kills, wounds, or chases any sheep or other domestic animal or poultry belonging to another person is liable to that person for all resulting damages."

Earlier this month, the Mandan City Commission approved an ordinance allowing ownership of chickens.

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