Dog jumps up on stove, accidentally hits button, sets Utah house on fire

The Lowders believe their bloodhound, Melva, started a stove fire at their Roy, Utah, home, but they say they can't be mad at the dog over the incident. (Source: KUTV/KJZZ/CNN)

ROY, Utah (KUTV/KJZZ/CNN) - A couple in Utah believes their dog accidentally set the house on fire when she jumped up on the stove looking for food.

Connie Lowder was working from her Roy, Utah, home on Friday when she smelled smoke coming from the basement. A stove fire was in full swing.

“I got to the top of the stairs, and I could see black smoke and nothing else,” she said.

Connie Lowder dialed 911 then grabbed her bloodhound, Melva, and raced outside. The 911 call was heard by Police Sgt. Matthew Gwynn, who had just coincidently passed the Lowder home.

“I had just driven by it about 30 seconds before, so I made a U-turn,” Gwynn said.

Gwynn rushed back to the house, grabbed his fire extinguisher and headed to the back door. He kicked it in, with permission from Connie Lowder.

“He was so worried about my door,” she said. “The door’s no good to me if I don’t have a house.”

Gwynn was able to extinguish the flames, and firefighters quickly arrived as well.

“It should have been a lot worse. I definitely feel blessed,” Connie Lowder said.

Connie Lowder believes Melva may have been the one who started the fire. The bloodhound was spotted on camera near the stove, just minutes before flames broke out.

“She likes to grab food off the counters,” Connie Lowder said. “She had got up on the stove [and] I believe, hit the button.”

When Connie Lowder told her husband, Larry Lowder, about the incident, he was initially shocked then confused.

“I got a call from my wife that the house was on fire,” Larry Lowder said. “She said it was Melva that did it, and I thought, ‘How the heck was she playing with matches?'”

The Lowders say they can’t be mad at Melva over the incident, but they are very grateful to Gwynn.

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