Division of Medical Marijuana expects patients to get access in 2018

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Bismarck, N.D. - Nine months after being signed into law, the state health council approved the rules for medical marijuana putting the North Dakota closer to getting it into the hands of the people.

"Right now the timeline we have has usable marijuana available for qualifying patients near the end of this calendar year, right in the October, November, December range,” Jason Wahl, interim director of the Division of Medical Marijuana.

The next step is having the attorney general's office sign off on the rules before a legislative committee gives final approval. Wahl says all eyes though are on Washington.

"Right now the department is moving forward with implementing the program. It will continue to monitor information from the federal government,” said Wahl.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo on January 4th giving federal prosecutors discretion on how they use resources to enforce marijuana laws.

The Attorney General's office they expect to have a decision by January 31. If the attorney general supports the rules, they can be added to the Administrative Rules Committee agenda ahead of their March 12 meeting. If the committee approves the rules they will go into effect April 1.