District One has unusually high teacher vacancies

WILLISTON, N.D. - School summer vacation is almost to the half-way point, and District One administrators say they're searching for teachers to fill their unusually high number of vacant positions before the growing number of students start school this fall.

Summer school is in session right now, but District One has 23 open positions to fill in order to reduce teacher/student ratios. Administrators say a lot of teachers moved on to other jobs and commitments this year and they have also added new positions to get ready for the influx of new students they expect this fall.

"Darla Ratzak Hagan Elementary Principal: "It's a little late in the year to have so many positions open, which is scary. I just know across the state and across the U.S., the need for teachers is really really high," said Elementary School Principal Darla Ratzak.

The district is even considering using a foreign exchange teacher program to fill vacancies.