District 8 board president responds to recall election

WILLISTON, N.D. - After successfully recalling two Williams County School District #8 board members from their positions, Chris Jundt is now running for a seat in the upcoming election, along with mother of two, Sarah Williams.

Both support dissolving the district. Jundt and Williams say they didn’t originally plan on running, but after seeing the board’s meetings for the past several months, they’ve gotten frustrated.

"You’ve seen them in critical points in time, some of the most important votes that have probably ever happened in District 8’s history, and that they sat there when a motion was put on the table to accept public comment from a packed boardroom. I don’t think they’ve probably ever seen that many people in their boardroom, and they chose not to listen to them," said Jundt.

“After a few meetings, I just realized there’s just nobody who’s gonna be more passionate for my two freshman than I would be, so that’s what got me involved," said Williams.

The district board says this has been a difficult year, and both recalled members will be on the special election ballot. WCSD #8 Board President Penny Soiseth says she will be campaigning, and she doesn’t agree with Jundt.

“We have listened to them. We’ve had five town hall meetings where people could come in and they could say what they wanted to say. They did have the ability to reach out to us, and I had very few people reach out to me. Transparency, anything that the board has talked about, I have portrayed. If there was a vote, and people wanted to know what we were doing before the board makes a decision, I don’t know what to say to that," said Soiseth.

The special election takes place next year on February 25.