Disruptwell Summit focuses on changing technology

BISMARCK, N.D. - State and city leaders discussed the future of technology with national experts Tuesday. For the second year, the Disruptwell Summit is being held in Bismarck. Topics included cybersecurity, healthcare, artificial intelligence, transportation and education.

Technology is changing by the second.

“Technology is changing so rapidly that change is impacting everything that all of us do,” Mike Seminary, organizer of the summit said.

Experts like Justin Cain, who works in cybersecurity, were on hand in Bismarck talking about how issues that he works with can impact anyone using any device connected to the internet.

“Cybersecurity is not just a market issue, a government issue, it's a family issue,” Cain said.

Cain is one of several key speakers at the second ever Disruptwell Summit in Bismarck. There were both national and local leaders were on hand to talk about how technology changes are impacting each sector, and how they're all intertwined. Cain also spoke about how cybersecurity is impacting the top sectors in North Dakota including agriculture. He says it can happen if someone were to influence market information.

“Now you've taken a really good quality product and you've manipulated the data so that it's not good quality, and now the world thinks that the corn production is lower than it is, jacking the price of corn up,” Cain said.

Students from Bismarck State College, where the summit was held, were also on hand to talk about how their future jobs may be impacted by changing technology.

Seminary says they're already planning to bring the conference back again next year.