DisruptWell Summit addresses innovations in technology

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Disruptive technologies are rapidly influencing how most of us communicate and conduct business.

The summit discussed innovations such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, augmented reality and more.

It's called disruptive technology. Disruptive, because it's changing how we do things and it's a sign of a changing world.

Jon Pederson is the Chief Technology Officer at Midco Communications. He showed this video of a robot helping an elderly man live a normal life instead of in a nursing home.

"I think the point of the video was that the future is coming, it's closer then we think, and the future is a better place," said Jon Pederson, chief technology officer at Midco.

Better, because technology like this can improve peoples' lives. What's happening at Midco is a good example.

"Midco and other providers of technology are the forefront of that, because a lot of data will be needed to drive our interest and how to we use things. So, Midco will be at the center of that," said Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary.

Seminary says Midco will be the provider of the data that'll be used in the new technology that was discussed at the summit.

"There's so much change taking place all the time that disruptive innovation sometimes goes unnoticed," said Seminary.

Midco Communications, like these other businesses, wants to be on the front lines of innovation because the companies at the summit are betting that forward change is inevitable.

Another new innovation that was discussed at the summit was Nordic Steel Building Systems.

The system re-purposes existing frames and replaces it with steel components.