Locals respond to Dick’s Sporting Goods gun restrictions

Congress has taken some steps to restrict gun ownership in the wake of recent school shootings, but many Americans say politicians aren't doing enough. Now, the private sector is taking some steps.

Dick's Sporting Goods Corporate office says rifles will no longer be sold at Field and Stream stores across the nation.

Dick's Sporting Goods already stopped selling assault-style rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre.

Now they will no longer sell high capacity magazines or firearms to anyone under the age of 21.

Dick's made a step that some do not agree with in our local community.

I spoke to a local gun shop owner who says guns are not the problem.

A debate that has been going on since before the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"Number one, not the gun's fault. What we need to do is we need to get involved more with the mental state of the person that's buying the firearm," said Brandon Charvat, Mandan Sporting Goods owner.

I spoke to some people that say Dick's Sporting Goods made the right move.

"I don't think that having access to assault rifles is necessary for the everyday person," said Suzanne Schweigert, Bismarck resident.

Will Dick's inspire other stores to do the same?

"I can't imagine privately owned stores, like some of the other guys around town. I can't imagine that they would do what the corporate side's doing," said Charvat.

He says he calls this type of weapon a modern sporting rifle because AR stands for Armalite Rifle, which is the name of the company that created them.

We reached out to Scheel's office in Fargo and have not heard back on whether anything will be different for their stores when it comes to gun sales.