Dickinson road construction projects near completion

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DICKINSON, ND - Dickinson drivers can expect an easier evening commute in the next few weeks.

Construction season is coming to an end, bringing major improvements to city roads.

The North Dakota 22 project is in its final phase.

"The turn lanes at 15th are completed. He's currently working on 12th. ANd the plan is to finish up in two to three weeks with a majority of the construction. The paving," said Larry Gangl, Dickinson District Engineer, NDDOT.

District engineer Larry Gangl says the turn lanes will help traffic flow. The turn lanes will be complete by the end of November.

The exit 56 truck bypass is also finished.

"It's going to be a way for trucks that don't need to come in to Dickinson to deliveries and such. To be able to go around Dickinson, and keep that heavcy traffic, you know the noise, and all those things that are associated with truck traffic, that will stay out of Dickinson," said Larry Gangl, Dickinson District Engineer, NDDOT.

And the State Avenue project is nearing completion.

It's taken two years to complete the State Avenue overpass project, and now that it's done, drivers no longer have to sit in traffic and wait for trains to pass by.

"We'll have a structure that crosses the railroad tracks that will be usable all of the time, and it will be another crossing in Dickinson to get from the north to the south," said Larry Gangl, Dickinson District Engineer, NDDOT.

There will be a ribbon cutting for the new overpass next week.​