Dickinson museum upgrades bring fossils into the 21st century

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Triceratops and T-rex are the most recognizable dinosaur fossils. Most people are familiar with adult images of those extinct beasts but the Dickinson Museum Center is assembling the pieces of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.

“I want to put things on exhibit here that you can't see anywhere else. So it's quite straightforward to get a cast of someone else's fossil, that sort of thing,” said Dr. Denver Fowler, Dickinson Museum Center curator. “But, we really need things that will make Dickinson a unique visiting experience.”

Dr. Fowler is the curator at the Dickinson Museum Center. To make the museum more visitor-friendly, he brought in some new technology.

“This is a little digital microscope. It's very easy to use, very easy for the kids. You just put against whatever you are interested in and turn the dial and it brings it into focus, high resolution,” said Dr. Fowler.

Another one of the attractions at the museum is the augmented reality sandbox. A scanner is attached to a computer and allows you to move the sand to create new landscapes.

Dr. Fowler believes by making the museum more interactive, people will want to come back, breathing new life into the fossils.