Dickinson firefighters visit schools for Fire Prevention Week

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Dickinson firefighters are visiting elementary schools to bring the message home​ about fire safety.

'Stop, drop and roll' is just one of many lessons students learned from firefighters Tuesday.

This week, the department is teaching students in kindergarten through second grade about fire safety.

"When the kids learn it at an early age, it's going to stick with them for their entire life. And hopefully if they learn it in school, they'll take it home, and they'll give that message to other family members," says Dickinson Fire Marshal Mark Selle.

The importance of checking smoke alarms and doing a home fire drill are some of the things students learned.

"You dial 911 only if there is a fire somewhere, and you don't play with matches," says Esmie Torola, 7.

"When you have a fire, you don't grab any of your supplies. You just go right outside," says Alivia Spicer, 7.

Selle says they also go into classrooms so students learn that firefighters are there to help.

"They like to see the firefighters. Want to make sure that they're not scared of the firefighters and get that message to them early. It just seemed to be the group that worked out for us and get that message to them early," says Selle.

A message that will stick with them for a lifetime.

"They're awesome and they do cool stuff," says Alex Leier, 8.

"I think that they're helpful because they help people," says Alijah Chikukwa, 6.

The Dickinson Fire Department says you should replace your smoke detectors every 10 years. ​