Dickinson State University plan to return face-to-face in the fall

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 7:17 PM CDT
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Preparations for students' return to classrooms are underway and many colleges and institutions like Dickinson State University are discussing changes to campus life for the fall.

DSU administrators are preparing for a variety of possibilities to make sure they are equipped to handle any challenges COVID-19 may bring.

DSU leaders said the cost of single room dorms has been reduced, making that option more available.

They are also considering moving students to larger rooms for adequate space, and reducing seating in the dining area.

DSU President Steve Easton said, "I was very proud of our students and faculty for the conversion to online, but we very much are committed to being face-to-face. It's a really important part of what we do."

DSU leaders said students in science labs and in hands-on learning classes where social distancing isn't possible will be asked to wear masks.

Easton said his team is working to provide the best campus experience possible under these unusual circumstances.